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About Us

therapeutic, and holistic

Level PT is a patient-centered therapeutic and holistic physical therapy practice specializing in common pelvic health and orthopedic disorders, cranio sacral and lymphedema therapy. We also provide Pilates-based prenatal & postnatal preparation, recovery exercises and classes. We offer skilled, hands-on, individualized manual therapy, focused treatments, and care dedicated to providing patients with personalized and comprehensive treatment. We strive to help each individual reach their optimal level of health.

Cassand Palmer, MPT, founded Level PT in 2016 because as a pelvic floor specialist, she recognized how important it is to understand the sensitive and complicated nature of pelvic issues and to be able to provide hands-on, comprehensive, personalized care in a tranquil, supportive, private and safe environment while treating patients. Maintaining the privacy of our patients is a priority to Level PT.

Cassand and the Level PT clinicians strongly believe a healthy pelvic floor and healthy body is an essential part of taking charge of your well-being.

At Level PT, all patient treatment sessions are approximately 50-60 minutes, and are conducted as one-on-one personalized sessions in a quiet and relaxing environment. We recognize the need and desire for longer than the ‘standard length’ session, especially for pelvic floor disorders, so as to be able to address each of our patients’ individual needs to provide them with the specialized care to help them heal.

While our practice is highly catered to female patients and their pelvic disorders, we also provide treatment to men for a variety of pelvic and orthopedic disorders. Our team of highly motivated, well experienced therapists and instructors provide the best care and support to a wide variety of patients & their needs to optimize their rehab.

Level PT participates with Medicare and takes out-of-network benefits for all other insurance. We check benefits ahead of time for all patients who have private insurance and file all claims for them. Should a patient have out-of-network benefits, the patient is responsible for copayment at time of appointment and will be informed of the amount prior to their first visit.



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